Learning Resources

To help you use this exhibition as a basis for your teaching, we are preparing a series of learning resources based on themes related to some of the images in the exhibition. Many enable to to meet your requirements to incorporate Indigenous perspectives across the curriculum.
Some activities are designed to do in the gallery and others at school. Downloadable pdfs will be available very soon.

We would love to hear how you’ve used the exhibition in your classes and would be happy to share your innovative lesson plans. We intend to set up a Facebook community soon where schools can share their work and inspire others. Watch this space for more.


Visual Arts activities

Ideas document with loads of actvities can be downloaded here.


Sciences/STEM – In exhibition activities

Topic Curriculum alignment Exhibition component Activities
Skins Explore exhibition images Understanding skins activity
Fibres Explore exhibition images Fibre bundling


Sciences/STEM – In school activities

Topic Curriculum alignment Context Activities
Fibres Introduction
Rocks – Ochre Introduction Ochre as pigment
Mining and conflict
Rocks – Stone tools Introduction Making tools
Crystals Introduction Scientific method and pseudoscience
Crystal Gardens
Sand Introduction