This exhibition explores images that pass on knowledge and shape our understanding of the world. Rich visual parallels between the representations seen in many Indigenous artworks and the microscopic structures hidden in the natural world, reveal unexpected and intriguing similarities.

Stories & Structures – New Connections brings together a story-telling and image-making tradition, developed over 60,000 years or more, with scientific imaging created by high-tech instruments. This delivers a new vision of our country and its stories. We hope that these images will open new conversations and provide opportunities to make new and lasting connections.

Humans are visual beings and we naturally find similarities in what we see. This enables our brain to learn and build a mental picture of the way the world is put together. Artworks, photographs and scientific images all provide wider perspectives that contribute to that knowledge.

The artists who have participated in this exhibition come from around Australia and have brought their own styles and traditions to produce works that reveal the depth of these recurring visual themes, giving us new cross-cultural perspectives on how we all know and understand our world.

Microscopy Australia is Australia’s national research infrastructure for microscopy. Based in universities around the country, it enables all Australian researchers to access the instruments and expertise they need.