The patterns show a complex array of overlapping and disrupted crystals in a piece of quartz. The Flinders Ranges are made up of quartz-containing rocks and it is these that give the name to the Adnyamathanha – rock people. This structure can be seen underlying the image of Yulu the kingfisher man.

The area in this image is 331 nanometres across (1 nanometre is one millionth of a millimetre).

Image: Hongwei Liu

Yulu is the word for Kingfisher of the Adnyamathanha people (rock people. This piece is inspired by the Yulu’s coal story.
Yulu was ceremony holder. He was on his way to ceremony because Wala the wild turkey man was going to conduct the ceremony instead, but before he got to his destination he sat to light a big fire, and cook a damper and at the same time let the people know he is on his way to conduct the ceremony.
Two Akkaru’s (snakes) saw the smoke signal as well and saw this as an opportunity to go and capture the people gathered for ceremony and feast on them. They therefore followed Yulu.
The people saw two bright stars which they thought was Yulu’s signal however it was the snake’s eyes. Many people were consumed the snakes and formed the Ikara.
Yulu’s big fire is located at the leigh Creek coal mine. In modern times Coal miners found petrified wood and damper shaped stones at this site. The Adnyamathanha people new that this site later was a unique site with material that should remain in the ground.
Leigh creek coal mine is no longer in use it shut down in 2015
Adnyamathanha country still have sites of Yulu’s story, Adnyamathanha people can take you to the sites to follow the story.

Artist: Jason Coulthard